Wakefield BID has been established as a not for profit company focussed on delivering real change for the benefit of all our members.

The work delivered by Wakefield BID is informed by all our members, who play a leading role in identifying the issues for the city centre.

All businesses are encouraged to be actively involved in the work of Wakefield BID to represent their interests and ensure we’re able to address priorities from as wide a range of levy payers as possible.

Our members told us they wanted us to focus on four priorities - to ensure Wakefield is:

  • lively and well-promoted
    • creating a sense of identity and positively changing perceptions of the city centre, locally regionally and nationally
  • smart and attractive
    • developing an appealing environment which people can enjoy, stay longer, and invest in with pride
  • welcoming and accessible
    • providing a welcoming, safe and easily accessible place for all
  • a great place to do business
    • supporting business growth, development and our community

With these priorities at the forefront of our business plan, we lead on projects, deliver services and invest in new initiatives to achieve our focus of transforming the city centre for all its users.

5 year term

The formation of Wakefield BID was contingent on a successful ‘yes’ vote from city centre businesses. The vote took place in February 2017 and a majority of businesses across the city voted for us to deliver the business plan in an initial five year term. You can see the original result here.

After the first five years, Wakefield BID will be required to hold a renewal ballot, at which point we believe businesses will continue to recognise the value and impact of our work and vote for a further five year term.

Election of Directors

All levy payers are entitled to be members of Wakefield BID.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting members are invited to attend and vote on Wakefield BID matters.

Directors are retired by rotation and new Directors elected in accordance with the articles of the company. You can view our Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association here.

You can view our full Business Plan / Prospectus which gives more details on our vision, priorities and funding for our initial five year term via this link.

Our Business Plan for the next 5 years can also be viewed via this link.

Or can be viewed by clicking here.