In a UK first scheme, Wakefield BID, West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield Council have joined forces to introduce SmartWater to the city centre.

Wakefield has become the first SmartWater city centre BID area in the country.

Smart Water is a high-tech traceable liquid that can be added onto your property. It leaves an invisible but distinctive mark which includes a unique code that can be traced back to your business. Marking your products or protecting your property with SmartWater creates a unique, invisible and fully traceable DNA code - a powerful addition to your crime protection strategy.

With an international reputation for reducing crime, SmartWater's primary function is as a deterrent, which is why signage has been placed across the city centre warning thieves and trouble makers that SmartWater is used in the area. Any stolen goods will be marked - meaning thieves will have a hard time selling them on. But, for those who don't heed the warnings, this is a powerful forensic tool that helps catch criminals and secure convictions.

Criminals hate traceability as it makes them accountable to the courts. SmartWater CSI’s products represent the ultimate threat to their freedom, and is recognised by enforcement agencies and the courts to evidence wrong-doing.

For example, if you struggle with shoplifting, simply marking your stock with SmartWater means the police will be able to uncover your unique traceable liquid on the product and perpetrator, directly linking any offences and supporting conviction in the courts.

The SmartWater initiative is fully funded by Wakefield BID. Members and levy payers can join the scheme - which is revolutionising security - to add further crime protection to their shop or venue.

To find out more and get your free SmartWater pack (including forensic water, signage and instructions for use) email

Thieves Beware!! Protect your business with SmartWater today.