Footfall Monitors for Wakefield City Centre

Wakefield Council in partnership with Wakefield BID have successfully commissioned Proximity Futures to provide footfall monitoring equipment for the city centre.

The GDPR compliant application is a people counting system specifically designed to be used in high streets. A number of sensors have been placed around the city centre and will gather anonymised data providing information on number of people, how long they are in a certain area, movement and number of visits. The sensors will allow intelligent data to be collected and to measure the city centre is being used at different times throughout the day. 

To be able to plan for the future it is essential footfall monitoring equipment is installed. Without pedestrian footfall counts, we are unsure how the city centre is being used. Measuring footfall allows us to accurately assess the impact of people’s movements and provides key data to inform future decisions aimed at improving the centre.

The timing is perfect as we come out of lockdown to understand how the city is recovering from the pandemic. Regular reports will be provided to the levy payers for information. 

Installation will take place at the start of April so the first report will be available from May 2020.