PROVENT Antibody Research Trial – Wakefield District Participant Recruitment Campaign

We need your help to recruit volunteers living in the Wakefield District for the first Coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody trial in the World. Please can you distribute through your channels.

Study Details

Volunteers needed for this study should:

• be aged 18 or older

• must not have a previously confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19

• have an increased risk of getting COVID-19 or are less likely than most adults to benefit from a vaccine (due to older age, obesity, or immunosuppression from a health condition or medication).

Additional requirements may determine final eligibility.

The trial is being conducted in November and December.

We’re encouraging Wakefield residents to sign up now at or call us on 07540 305088 and leave a message with their contact details (including name and phone number).

Campaign objectives

To raise awareness of the study, encourage potential participants to seek more information, and to generate a response to the landing page or call centre.