The Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone

The Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is a £3.8 million scheme joint funded by Historic England and Wakefield Council, and over the next four years (ending April 2024) will offer owners and tenants of buildings within the conservation area substantial grants to fund repairs, bring empty spaces back into use and revitalise public spaces. The grants can offer funds of up to 90% to cover the cost of external repair works and up to 70% of internal works to bring redundant spaces back into use.

The HAZ scheme initially identified and targeted 20 listed buildings and 10 building of local interest within the Upper Westgate Conservation Area for works and we are in the process of contacting the owners of each to make them aware of the scheme. There will also by smaller pots of up to £30k which can be applied for repair and the enhancement of buildings.

Expression of interest from owners participating in the scheme have already been received, and although this does not mean that they will undertake works as some buildings will require financial commitment it’s still a very positive sign in these challenging times. Limits have been placed on the amounts of grants available to each building based on an initial survey done of the street back in 2019.

Carter street is one of the first public realms to be completed (Friday this week) under the HAZ scheme anywhere in the country.

Cheapside will now start JanuaThe Civic Society will produce guided tours of the Upper Westgate Conservation Area along with the Wakefield Historic Society who will input valuable research towards a book and create leaflets that will engage members of the public in the rich history of the area.

A play will be commissioned to celebrate the lives of famous women and blue plagues will be produced, and be part of a wide variety of other events still in the planning stage.

Edgeland Arts will be undertaking printing workshops when possible, and consultation with other cultural organisation within Wakefield to help develop a full program of cultural activities that will support the cultural community of the city and promote home grown talent over the life of the scheme. Workshops and training will be held for owners and building contractor in heritage skills however, all events at the moment are Covid-19 dependent so no firm dates have been set for activity but plans are ongoing.

ry and I am hoping to get Thompson yard started before march. The two remain yards will all depend on the works centred around the wool packs as they would have to dig up the road for possible services.